House for Sale in Toronto (South Riverdale area)
for sale summer 2004

Click on the small thumbnail pictures below to see bigger ones with detail.

This is the centre house of a row of three.

The first thing you see inside is the stairwell.
Here's the view down from the top of those stairs.
The house still has the original railing which has been restored.
The beautiful trim around the doors is also original and is in almost every room.
There are other nice details such as this floor grating.
Includes antique brass fixtures
... and original plasterwork on the ceiling
The closet in the main bedroom, looking into the hall.
View into the dining room from the living room.
Looking through the kitchen into the back yard.
The back yard, looking towards the shed. This is an old picture, this weedy yard has been turned into a garden.
Back view of the house, that little tree is a lilac bush.
View towards the back from one of the upstairs bedrooms.