A few photos!

Here are a few selected photos from CAAGM97! More to come later on this and other homepages!!

Make sure you see the pictures Sue and Pete, and Aaron have put up!

My version of this year's group picture. Hopefully, someone else got a clearer view :)

It rained a lot during the week! Just ask Avra, Paula, Morten, or Bannerstone...

Here's Sue showing off her fashion sense and poise :)

It's TK! Unless you prefer calling her "Blue" or "Tanja" that is...

Bannerstone carved a nice walking stick during the meet.

Me wrapped up in various leftover balloons!

Paul (standing) and mL at the salon de billard

Uvi and myself with the water noodles ("The Ultimate Water Toy!")

Morten does the little dance at the bowling alley for a spare

I liked the red ball best :)